15 Easy & Free Plans to Build a DIY Coffee Table Ideas

DIY COFFE TABLE – We are all well aware of the role of a DIY coffee table for a living room which is highly versatile! It is what you need to get first while entertaining some visitors or guests in the living room! The conversations are also to start always by sitting around it! It is seen mostly in the center of the sitting plans!

The reason is that all the sitting personages can use it to place their mobile phones, cups, beverage mugs, magazines and other materials over it while they need to get their hands free for the detailed conversations! So this all tells that how utilitarian item a coffee is!

Not only for utility purposes, the coffee tables also play a vital role in boosting decors and storage space of a living room! People can use the coffee tables with built-in secret stashes or with lift-tops if they need some extra storage space in their living room!

By adding a glass top or a flower vase to the top of a coffee table, one can also turn it into a living room centerpiece! In short, missing a coffee table in the living room would not be appreciated in any way as it is the very first demand and need for a living room! So make you get to your favorite coffee table easily we have shared here this flawless list of 20 DIY coffee table plans that can be made at home! All these tables are style-worthy, sturdy and inexpensive!

Don’t worry about the supply materials, all you need is to target the common material of home to build any of these coffee tables! The most used material would be the old wood like a wooden slab, Pallets, and plywood etc, always easy-to-find in the home or in surroundings!

Tops are the most amazing part of a coffee table! According to these DIY furniture projects, one can prefer the concrete tiles, glass slabs and plain wood sheets for amazingly smoother and elegant tops! Coffee tables with built-in shelves would be all amazing to get as storage-friendly coffee tables!

Prefer wheels or simply reclaim the metal from home and build metal hairpin legs for your hand-built wooden coffee tables! One can also use box style copper legs for more stability like shown in the list below!

Precious Wood Log Coffee Table on Wheels

diy coffee table
Source: diycraftsy.com

Rustic furniture look is the hottest furniture look that is chosen to score high value styles and living room fashion trends! So why not get some style-worthy living room coffee table out of some old wood logs? Follow the construction steps and pattern here to get a fab like shown one for good reputation of your living room! Here is the tutorial bhg.

Epic Upcycled Barrel Coffee Table

diy coffee table
Source: diycrafsty.com

After they get empty, we remain no longer concerned with those wooden barrels! If you are having some long-forgotten wooden barrels they time to plan them for restoring living room fashion points! Here is way to convert an old barrel into a stunning coffee table that will also provide a secrete stash as you can see here! Perfect gift for rustic-modern lovers! Here is how to make it artofmanliness

Self-Installed Terrarium Side Table or Coffee Table

diy coffee table
Source: pinterest.com

Get ready with plexiglass in to do an every beautiful coffee table project, the precious terrarium coffee table! Double check your measurements and cut the plexiglass sheets according to measured values! Put the cut sheets together for a building a glass box and secure the corners and sides with electrical tape! Full tutorial here bloglovin

Chic White Coffee Table with Bottom Shelf

diy coffee table
Source: furnitureinfashion.net

Want to gain a designer styled living room? All you need to add this chic white display coffee table in the center of your living room! It is all easy to compose at home using quality or reclaimed wood! It owns a lower level and gets the stylish looks from upper glass top! White paint just works as a ice on the cake! Full DIY tutorial here lowes

Modern Pallet Wood Coffee Table on Wheels

diy coffee table
Source: pinterest.com

Get a complete pallet board, wooden plates and some additional wooden lengths to install this low yet cozy living room table! Choose your own custom way to get it in better appeal, get inspired of the doily print here! At the end, install wheels and let this table be a part of your conversations! Full guide and tutorial here papernstitchblog

Modern Chic Herb Garden Coffee Table

diy coffee table
Source: pinterest.com

Chic white coffee table with blag legs and with amazing natural garden like spell! This happens due to built-in planter that make you feel like you are sitting in a garden while being around this coffee table! Grow your favorite flowers or herbs in the integrated planter or simply use it as an ice box for your beverage parties! Want to copy this versatile table design now? Step-by-step DIY tutorial here abeautifulmess

Fashion-Worthy Crate Storage Coffee Table

diy coffee table
Source: diycraftsy.com

If you all looking for a a spicy addition to your living room storage space then do choose this pretty wooden coffee table! It comes also with 2 build in drawers that will be a stylish way to store your living room concerns! Design is full of style and milk-choco appeal of coffee table just held all precious and special to eyes! Full directions and DIY guide here hertoolbelt

Elegantly Sublime Mahogany Coffee Table – Get Free Plan

diy coffee table
Source: diycraftsy.com

Fallen in love with this elegantly stylish wooden table? Make it yours by grabbing the free construction plan for it here! Made for modern living rooms and curved legs all bring an artistic vibe to this table! Grab the free plan here finewoodworking

Modern Oval Coffee Table on Metal Hairpin Legs

diy coffee table
Source: fifthla.com

If you are missing that necessary luxurious touch in your living room then this surfboard coffee table is sure to bring it back! A precious coffee table model for style lovers! The fancy golden lines and artwork just makes it an extraordinary piece of furniture! Want to clone it now? Full DIY instructions here instructables

Unique Neon Table with Metal Legs

diy coffee table
Source: vinterior.co

Every style-addict person will wish to make this unique neon table a visually attractive part of his sitting environments! Find such a odd marble tabletop on Craigslist or on Ebay! Here this artful marble table stands on metal hairpin legs which are also super easy to build at home! the-brick-house

Wood Slab Coffee Table with Metal Hairpin Legs

diy coffee table
Source: pinterest.com

Missing some fashion points in living room? This gorgeous wooden table is an amazing solution to make up it! Just finish a well sanded wooden slab with custom legs to build this rustic yet modern coffee table! Here is a full DIY guide ispydiy

Hand-Built Industrial Wooden Coffee Table

diy coffee table
Source: emmorworks.com

Build industrial style wooden coffee table at home! Stare a little at this given sample! A mind-blowing hand-built wooden table with box style base! Finished for a rustic look and is a delight to view in a living room! Complete guide and DIY tutorial here littleglassjar

Easy yet Stylish Wooden Coffee Table with Tile Top

Prefer this wooden able with concrete tile top for making outstanding statements in your living room! As easy-to-build as you want and is as stylish too! Complete directions and instructions here homedit

Copper Coffee Table with Wooden Top

Another genius recovery! A mind-boggling DIY coffee table to jazz up your living room! Comes with a wooden top and stand on 3 flat box style copper legs! Table is all easy to compose at home and same are the copper legs! Copy it for your larger sitting plans! Step-by-step tutorial here forme-foryou

Glass Topped Pallet Coffee Table on Wheels

A single pallet skid can be a quick replacement for expensive living room coffee tables! Just sand well a single pallet board then paint and finish it finally with custom legs or wheels as shown! A quite simple and super quick way to gain fashion-worthy living room coffee tables for free! Full guide here annaevers

Self-Made Balustrade Coffee Table with Lower Shelf

If you all strive for coziness and style in your living room then choosing this dainty coffee table is all recommended! Table design comes with 2 levels made of wooden planks! Both levels have been supported by balusters that also raises the aesthetic appeal of entire design! Here is how to make it itsagrandvillelife

Spool Coffee Table with Built-in Bookcase

Paint an old spool and add with wooden dowels (fixed straight between both levels) and with bottom wheels! By doing so you will get this stylish coffee table that is also to use as a bookcase in part time! Complete directions here pinkxstitches.blogspot

Recycled Pallet Rustic Coffee Table

This rustic coffee table would get your first priority if you are all thinking to give a mind-blowing rustic touch to your living room ambience! Take pallet boards into single planks and then a quick refitting can make your get this sturdy wooden table! Full instructions and construction-guide here the36thavenue

Wooden Coffee Table with Metal Hairpin Legs

Flat piling of some straight & longer wooden lengths can result into a splashy living room coffee table! Just finish the final pile with suitable legs, here metal hairpin legs have been selected for a provocative standing style of coffee table! Complete guide and DIY tutorial here abeautifulmess

DIY Suitcase Coffee Table with Metal Legs

Need a glam antique coffee table centerpiece in your sitting room? Your long forgotten suitcases can be a good alternative to it! By adding a piece of a wood to suitcase’s bottom, hand-built metal hairpin legs have been installed to it for a wonderful antique coffee table as you can see! Step-by-step tutorial here diynetwork

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